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Sad Dad

Jun 11, 2020

Great chat this week with friend and fellow podcaster, Joseph Voth. We talk Dads, growing up in a dusty little farm town, our concerns over the future of podcasting, the lasting effects of the pandemic on comedy, poetry, Joe's dad makes a new friend, and I make my mom uncomfortable. Super fun. Check it out!


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Apr 21, 2020

Great chat this week with my friend and fellow comedian, Mike Wooten. We talk dads, the down side to home ownereship, bedbugs, online comedy, our mismatched flatware, and I get an answer to a burning question I've had for years. Super fun, check it out!

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Apr 3, 2020

Great chat with my good buddy and fellow comedian, Isaiah Washington. We talk dads, growing up in Fresno, how the pandemic has affected our writing, creative collaboration with less than savory characters, moving to Cleavland, Isaiah gets stuck in a tight spot, and I manage to finish a project without killing a family...

Mar 28, 2020

Fun episode this week with the incredible Rena Hundert. We talk dads, Judaism, Canadian politics, being too artsy fartsy for our own good, the right and wrong times to discuss a two state solution, Rena ruins acting for me, and I have an identity crisis. Check it out!

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Mar 19, 2020

Great chat this week with comedian Nicole Yates! We talk dads, growing up in Philadelphia, being an only child, dance trophies, how much snow sucks, Vietnamese rock apes, Nicole's dad works on the moonshot, and I work on not losing my god damn mind during a crisis. 

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